Monday, September 7, 2009

Healing with Color Rays

The seven colors in the spectrum relate to the 7 major Chakras in the human body. A proper functioning of the Chakras can help a person to be healthy always. But this does not happen always as disharmonies and blockages cause damage and illness in the human body. Color or Chroma therapy is the practice of treating the bodily disharmonies with color rays. Each of the colors in the solar spectrum has a significance and vibration aspect. All the color rays heal and nourish the system or systems in the human body or Chakras they are related to thereby removing the blockages and disharmonies causing ill health. Each of these colors also has a complimentary ray or opposite color which can be applied to achieve balance in colors. Given below are the body parts related to the different color rays. Click on the color ray link to know more about the properties of these color rays, chakras and diseases they are related to and the gemstones carrying the color rays which can be used for healing.

Violet Rays: These rays are related to the Nerve Cells and Brain. Yellow is the complimentary ray for violet.
Indigo Rays: These Rays are related to the Skeletal System (bones, ligaments, joints, and cartilage). Orange is the complimentary ray for Indigo.
Blue Rays: These rays are related to the Vascular System, Nerve sheaths, Cerebrospinal fluid, Sense Organs, Blood and Brain. Red is the complimentary ray for blue.
Green Rays: These rays are related to the Brain and Organs in the Torso. The shades of magenta color are thought to be complimentary to the green ray.
Yellow Rays: These rays are related to the Organs of elimination (skin, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys, intestines, and eliminative aspects of the liver). The complimentary color of the yellow ray is violet.
Orange Rays: These rays are related to the Lymphatic System, Endocrine System, Adipose tissue and Soft connective tissue. Orange’s complimentary color is indigo.
Red Rays: These rays are related to the Muscular system (muscles, tendons, and fascia).


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