Monday, March 29, 2010

Famous Tanzanite Gemstones

The Queen of Kilimanjaro White Gold Tiara Tanzanite
Tanzanite Gemstone is a very popular choice with woman as Gemstone Jewelry because of his beautiful bluish purple color and rarity. The property of Pleochroism of this stone makes it even more attractive when it is used for making gemstone jewelry. Despite of its high prize women love to wear this gem set on jewelry be it rings, necklace, earrings, pendant or bracelet. A wearer of the Tanzanite gemstones exudes elegance and class. After all Tanzanite Jewelry is much more a prized possession than Diamond. However, the most beautiful and magnificent of all is the famous 242 carets Queen of Kilimanjaro set in a Tiara along with diamonds and garnets now displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Another reputed one is the world's largest faceted tanzanite is said to be 737.81 carats.