Friday, February 19, 2010

Black Diamond Gemstones

Black Diamonds are among the world's rarest diamonds. They are also Carbonado Diamonds. The diamonds are not really black but contains dark inclusions or impurities that result in the black look of the gem. It is believed that these stones were formed in the centre of the earth about 3.5 billion years ago and were brought into the surface because of volcanic eruptions. Black diamonds get their color from the presence of minerals like magnetite and Hematite.


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  3. Hi Anamika, I thought your post on the Black Diamonds was very interesting, but I was hoping you were going to tell us a little more about the model Naomi Campbell. Who's going to be brought in front of the British Council (i think) for her act in taking some raw uncut black diamonds. From a war lord in the country of Africa/ Chad I believe, I wondered what an uncut diamond would look like.Can you imagine the dark & bloody karma that those diamonds must have on them? Love your blog. jj