Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Characteristics of Pearls

The basic characteristics of Pearl are :-
  • Shape: The shape of Pearl can be round, rice shaped, baroque, oval, button, mabe or teardrop. Among all, Round shaped is the most preferred and auspicious.
  • Size : The size of Pearl is usually measured in millimeters. Pearls come in a wide range of sizes. Those weighing less than 50 milligrams are called seed pearls. The largest naturally occurring pearls are the baroque pearls. However, when it comes to pearl size the most popular sizes are between 6mm to 8.5mm.
  • Luster: The deeper the layers, the higher the luster. When buying Pearls it's wise to look at them with your back to the light. A fine pearl will reflect your image like a mirror.
  • Color : Pearls are available in different colors. They are available in colors like white, cream, black, grey, blue, yellow, lavender, green and mauve. The white Pearls are considered best of all. The availability of Pearls in different colors makes it ideal for making jewellery. Pearl Jewelry enhances the natural beauty of the wearer.
To test the quality of Pearl soaks it in a solution of warm oil and salt. If the Pearl is genuine no damage would happen to the Pearl. Also, if a natural pearl is rubbed with a dry cotton cloth containing rice, a genuine pearl will maintain its luster and color. A well equipped gem testing confirms if the gemstone is genuine or fake. Another method of testing for imitations is to rub the pearl against the surface of a front tooth.


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