Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pearl Jewellery and Care

Pearl Gemstone Jewelry is never known to be out of fashion. It has become a style statement irrespective of the ages. Is there any woman in the face of earth who can resist beautiful Pearl Jewellery. I do not think so. Pearl, because of its beauty, colors and shapes is one of the most preferred Jewellery among women. Pearl also goes well as a combination with other gemstones which of course is an added advantage. Pearl Jewelry, in any form, is loved by one and all. However, white is the most preferred color. White Pearl Jewellery is popular as Bridal or Wedding Jewellery. Pearl Jewellery popular as a family heirloom which is passed from mother to daughter. Pearl Necklaces, Bangles, ear rings, bracelets and rings are extremely popular as Jewelry. Pearl necklaces comes in various types and fancy names like pearl Collar, Pearl Rope, Opera necklace, Princess Necklace, Pearl Choker etc. Pearl Jewelry is often given as gifts to bridesmaids as a token of appreciation and love. Pearl Jewelry is also an ideal gift to ladies on the occasion of wedding, anniversaries, graduation, birthday and Valentines Day. Pearls are also used as costume jewelry especially for bridal dresses. A wide range of Pearl Jewellery is available with Online shopping Stores like Amazon.

It is advisable to keep your Pearl Jewellery away from cosmetics, perfume or hair spray. Never use or expose pearls to dish detergents, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, or ammonia based cleaners. Also do not use toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls. If necessary, Pearls can be washed in warm soap water and then thoroughly dry it with a clean and soft towel.


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