Thursday, October 9, 2008

Diamond - Introduction

Diamond gemstone is said to be the king of gems. Diamond is also the most beautiful among gems. Diamond derives its name from the Greek word adamas, which means "invincible". Diamond is a form of carbon. Diamonds are strong, transparent and shining. Diamonds are the most popular and costly gemstone of all times. The hardness, brilliance and sparkle of diamonds make them most suitable for making gemstone jewelry. Diamond Jewellery has been used from ancient times as an expression of beauty, love and wealth. Diamond is the favorite gemstone which adorns the engagement rings of the wealthy. Diamonds have earned fame as beautiful symbols of love around the world. Diamonds are usually colorless. However, depending on the impurities present brown, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, red, gray and black variations are also found. However, white is the most popular and preferred color in Diamond. Diamond, also known as Heera, is the gemstone of Planet Venus and representation of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. Diamond is one of the navaratnas and wearing it is said to attract name, fame, beauty, grace, elegance, longevity, passion and creativity of the individual.

Diamonds are used for several purposes. The hardness, brilliance, various colors and sparkle of diamonds make them most suitable for making gemstone jewelry. But Only 20% of the Diamonds from mines are suitable to be used in jewelry. Diamonds also have a number of important industrial applications . They are used in glass cutters, drill bits, masonry saws and also for cutting other diamonds because of their extreme hardness.


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