Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pearl - Introduction

Pearls have always been a favorite gemstone with the royal families and celebrities. Pearl is considered as a sign of elegance and class. Pearl, also referred to as the Queen of Gems or Tears of the Sea, is an emblem of beauty, purity and innocence. It is said that no two pearls are alike. This uniqueness and beauty of Pearls has made it a prized possession for ages. Pearl is obtained from the Sea. Basically, there are two types of Pearl, Sea Pearls and Fresh water Pearls. Pearl is available in different shapes and colors. The price of pearls varies widely as a result of luster, size, their origin, color and type. Among Pearls, Natural pearls are the most expensive. Fresh water pearls are relatively inexpensive.

There is no proof as to who discovered Pearl and when it was discovered. There is reference of Pearl been used by Romans and Egyptians back as the 5th Century BC. There is mention of Pearl in Bible, Quran and Hindu religious texts like Garuda Purana and AtharvaVeda. Other than Jewellery, Pearls are also been used in cosmetics, paints and medicines. It is believed that Cleopatra crushed a Pearl in a glass of Wine and drunk it to prove that she could give the most expensive dinner. A French jeweller Jacques Cartier is said to have bought one of his famous stores in New York with two pearl necklaces in the year 1916. Julius Caesar is said to have given a Pearl as gift to the mother of Brutus. It is said that some countries even passed laws that only noble class should wear Pearls. Famous pearl lovers include Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, Jaqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana.


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