Thursday, October 9, 2008

Diamond Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Diamond gemstones are used to make beautiful jewelry which enhances the beauty of the wearer. Diamond which is also known to be a girl’s best friend is also one of the hot selling products of Online Shopping Companies like EBay and Amazon. Diamond Gemstone Jewelry is also an Expression of Beauty, Love and Wealth.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Diamond requires special care. Diamonds should be stored separately So that it does not get scratches. Cleaning the diamonds help to maintain their shine. This can be done by putting the jewelry in lukewarm water after putting some mild detergent in it. After some time remove the jewelry and clean it with a soft brush. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly in plain lukewarm water and pat dry using a soft towel.

It is advisable not to use diamond jewelry while using dirt, hand-creams, hair-styling products, perfumes etc. Also do not use cleanser or abrasives on the jewelry.


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